Corporate Governance

Acknowledging the importance of Corporate Governance, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld) has been developing a professional governance system in accordance to international practices as guided by IFC on Corporate Governance. Digiworld’s Corporate governance is under the process of continuous improvement towards “ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard” in the purpose of Efficient Corporate Governance to leverage business proficiency, minimize risks from operation and investment, and to take better responsibilities to shareholders, partners, and the community as a whole.

Organizational structure

Digiworld’s standardized organizational structure delivers the scientific allocation of workflows as well as the efficiency of working processes among departments and each individual member. This solid ladder is the core base on which we have together developed a strong Digiworld for years.


The Charter of Digiworld includes basic information about the organization and other regulations related to the structures, operation protocols, responsibilities and rights of the Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, Board of Management; responsibilities and rights of shareholders and principles of General Meetings of Shareholders.

Corporate Governance Regulation

Corporate Governance regulation of Digiworld specifies the regulations stated in the Company’s Charter and includes other rules on the organization, collaboration in Management Apparatus and other duties in the process of company management.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest

Declaration of Conflict of Interest is designed to ensure: All Digiworld (“Company”) business operations are conducted with the most utmost integrity, controlled strictly to avoid financial and resource losses and affect Digiworld’s reputation; Every employee in the Company is fully aware of situations that may be considered as conflict of interest when employees work in a conflict of interest situation; Employees shall not engage in any conduct that may result in a conflict between the personal interests of the employee and the Company’s interests or undertake anything that could be construed as possibly being in a conflict of interest to the Company; Relationships that may lead to conflict of interest to the Company are monitored and updated periodically. Hence, inherent risks are under control and prevention.

Anti-Corruption and Bribery

The Stipulation on Anti-corruption and Bribery is designed to ensure: All Digiworld (“Company”) business operations are conducted with the utmost integrity, ethical and professional standard, protecting reputation of financial integrity of Digiworld; Every employee in the Company is fully aware of situations that may be able to influence the position of the employee when the employee representing the Company is to receive gifts, presents and guest hospitality; Every Digiworld’s employee must show integrity when conducting any transaction and is fully aware of the forms of bribes to prevent and avoid violations.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is designed to ensure: (1) Building and developing a team with highly qualified, ethical standard, to best fulfill requirements of Digiworld’s business operations, to contribute to the enhancement of the Company’s brand values in the market; (2) The Compliance of Every employee in Company with all currently applicable law and Digiworld’s (“Company’s”) regulations in process of operations; maintaining the social ethical standard and professional ethics; (3) Ensure the integrity and fairness in the relationship between CUSTOMER − EMPLOYEE − COMPANY.