Ho Chi Minh City, October 17, 2019, Digiworld Corporation (“DGW”) announced 3rd Quarter Business Results. According to the report, revenue reached VND 2,615 billion, soaring 51% year on year and profit after tax reached VND 52 billion, advancing 42% year on year.

Thus, for 09 months of 2019, Digiworld saw total net revenue of VND 5,992 billion, and profit after tax of VND 112 billion, increasing 37% and 43% year on year respectively. As a result, the company has completed 84% of revenue plan and 82% of profit plan.  Particularly, every business units achieved significant growth as below:

  • Laptops & tablets: revenue reached VND 2,250 billion, increasing 27% year on year. The group is expected to complete the plan the earliest after reaching 93% of the year plan this quarter.
  • Mobile phones: Considered as the largest contributor to revenue, the mobile phones sector lead to a spectacular growth of 80% compared to the same period last year. The revenue reached VND 2,566 billion, completing86% of the year plan. The mobile phone market in the first 9 months of the year was overheating in the mid-range segment (from VND 3 million to VND 4.5 million), witnessing the strong rise of Xiaomi
  • Office equipment: With the expectation of 25% growth in the next 3 years, the revenue of this sector in the first 09 months of 2019 reached VND 994 billion, completing71% of the year plan. The increase in the consumption of the business sector and the number of newly - established enterprises and FDI enterprises have created many development opportunities for the office equipment industry. In the third quarter of 2019, Digiword signed a cooperation contract with SEAGATE - the world’s leading hard drive brand - for distributing equipment and storage solutions in Viet Nam market. This is the first step to widen opportunities for the office equipment segment in the trend of digital transformation
  • Consumer goods:In spite of being established later than others, this sector has recorded a strong growth with impressive numbers: increasing 560% over the same period, contributing VND182 billion to the revenue, up 243% compared to the same time last year

Unit: Billion

Net revenueQ3/2019Q3/2018YoY9M20199M2018YoY% PlanPlan
Laptops& Tablets1,12985532%2,2501,76627%2,41093%
Mobile phones1,01556480%2,5661,76845%3,00086%
Office equipment40530831%99479225%1,39071%
Consumer goods6610560%18253243%35052%
Profit after tax5236.642%11278.343%13782%
Trailing EPS   3,5022,48041%  

Attachment: Consolidated financial statements for 3rd Quarter of 2019