Ho Chi Minh City, June 24th 2020, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld - “DGW”) announced the strategic cooperation with Apple, officially became the Apple Authorized Distributor in Vietnam.

This cooperation marked an important movement between a giant technology corporation in the world and a leading ICT distributor in Vietnam. Through the core strength of a comprehensive, flexible value-added chain, including 5 services of Digiworld: Market analysis, Marketing, Sales, Logistics and After-sales, Apple expects to approach more customer segments, diversify product distribution channels and boost strong growth in domestic market with great potential.
Reportedly, Vietnam is one of the largest smartphone markets in Southeast Asia. According to the GFK report, Vietnam ranked 2nd in term of number of products sold, surpassed Thailand and Malaysia, just behind Indonesia. Besides, there is an increasing number of tech-savvy and pricing acumen consumers. They tend to choose products that are worth the money. However, only 60% in Vietnam market are genuine Apple products. Therefore, the purchase of Apple products in the domestic market still has many barriers due to the risk of fake, second-hand and non-warranted products from hand-carry from other countries. This is an opportunity for Digiworld to take over the rest market share - which is owned by hand-carried Apple products.
According to GfK report, from January to April 2020, Apple’s market share ranked 3rd in Vietnam but it was the runner-up in term of value - market sales contribution. Therefore, Vietnamese market is considered as one of the Apple’s “gold mines”. Therefore, Digiworld want to directly distribute all Apple product lines such as: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Beats, Watch, Apple TV and other accessories: Airpod, Earpod, keyboard, mouse, cover… Digiworld is able to provide genuine products at reasonable prices by optimizing the company’s current operating costs.
Mr. Doan Hong Viet, Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of Digiworld shared that: “Apple products, especially iPhone and Macbook are very popular in Vietnam. Vietnamese people have a great need for buying Apple products with good prices and genuine warranty. Therefore, we would like to closely cooperate with Apple to sell their products in Vietnam by the end of June this year. All Apple products distributed by Digiworld are accredited according to Apple’s standards in Vietnam. Becoming an official distributor of Apple products in Vietnam enhances the company’s reputation in the field of distributing digital and information technology products. It also gives consumers a chance to buy products with good prices and services from top global brands”
According to Mr. Doan Hong Viet, it is expected that Digiworld will distribute about 50,000 Apple products to consumers in Vietnam from June to the end of this year.