Digiworld is awarded 2 prizes of TOP 3 listed companies with the best IR activities 2017

Ho Chi Minh City, November 10, 2017, Digiworld Corporation-DGW won two IR Awards 2017, listed in the Top 3 listed companies for most favored IR activities by investors and Top 3 listed companies for most valued IR activities by Financial Institutions. IR Awards 2017, honoring listed companies of best Investor Relations (IR) activities, is jointly held yearly by Vietstock and Finance & Life e-newspaper (FiLi).

To qualify the list of IR Awards 2017, 672 listed companies in Vietnam has undergone a comprehensive inspection on the degree of information disclosure compliance and obligation in terms of accuracy and sufficiency, conducted by experts and financial management organizations. To be honored in the Top 3, listed companies must ensure the criteria of Transparency-Accuracy-Effective in investor relations (IR), receive the most votes from domestic and international investor community as well as being trusted and highly evaluated by Financial Institutions.

Digiworld Corporation has met all the above criteria. Not only transparent, accurate, proactive, IR activities of Digiworld are also innovative and flexible for investors to easily access information, to understand the true value and the strategy of the company. Therefore, DGW, after only two years since first listed, has become a stock code which is highly trusted and appreciate by investors.

In addition, Digiworld is constantly developing its core strengths in its five services including: Market Analysis, Marketing, Sales through distribution network with 6,000 points of sales nationwide, Logistics and After-sales service to expand their business growth and business lines. Not only ceasing to be one of the two largest ICT distributors in Vietnam, Digiword is also the pioneer in providing market expansion services. Digiworld recently expanded its businesses, stepping into Healthcare industry and completed an acquisition in FMCG.

In 2016, DGW surpassed yearly profit plan with profit after tax reaching VND 67 billion. In the cumulative 9 months of 2017, DGW’s revenue reached VND2,696 billion and profit after tax reached VND56.1 billion; fulfilling yearly plan (VND55 billion). Liquidity of DGW stock and number of shareholders of the company also grew impressively. As at ending 6 months of 2017, the number of DGW’ shareholders jumped 51% against 2016. Trading volume per day also was also boosted from 68,000 shares per day by the end of 2016 to 232,0000 shares per day by 7 months of 2017, equivalent to 240% growth.