Through a cooperative arrangement with Vietnam’s Digiworld Corporation (DGW), the first Mi Store of China’s Xiaomi’s has officially opened at Crescent Mall in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 7, as part of its strategy to promote customer care and the customer experience. The opening marks the great progress made by Xiaomi and Digiworld in plans to expand the Xiaomi brand in Vietnam.



Known for its successful online sales strategy, as the ecosystem for Xiaomi’s products expands along with increasing technology facilities, the demand for a real experience among users grows. Building the Mi Store chain to enhance brand awareness and influence therefore makes it easier for consumers to experience actual products prior to purchase.

Xiaomi expects to open more than 1,000 outlets worldwide by 2020. In the past two years it has opened outlets extensively in markets where it has a presence, such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Mi Store in Crescent Mall is also the first outlet in Vietnam to date and is designed in accordance with Xiaomi’s international standards, featuring modern décor and open space. Not only showcasing the full range of genuine smartphones, accessories, and smart devices, Xiaomi’s unique and limited global versions will also be on display.

On the difference between the Mi Store and other outlets of technology companies in Vietnam, Mr. Doan Hong Viet, CEO of Digiworld, said: “Upon arrival, consumers are consulted and can see and experience products in Xiaomi’s advanced ‘Internet of Things’ ecosystem-possibly through the Mi Home app on a single Xiaomi smartphone-to connect and manage all personal and household devices on Mi-Eco. Users can easily make smart purchasing decisions, optimizing utility and cost.”

“In just one year since the Xiaomi’s launch in Vietnam, Digiworld has continuously introduced a range of Xiaomi products that have the most advanced technology at reasonable prices,” he went on. “While the ecosystem concept for smart devices is very expensive, Xiaomi helps your smart home dream come true.”

The Chinese phone maker early last year announced its partnership with DGW to distribute products in Vietnam and also provide marketing and customer support.