At one of District 7’s popular shopping centers, hundreds of people queued up for Mi Band products, fitness watches, and others.

Long queues to buy products on sales during the opening day from Mi Store-the first shop selling Xiaomi products in Vietnam. Mi Store opened on January 6 and is expected to expand across 15 major cities by the end of 2018.

According to Mr. Doan Hong Viet, CEO of Digiworld-which brought Xiaomi into Vietnam, this is the first Xiaomi store in Vietnam. There are a lot of products in Xiaomi’s product ecosystem but most are sold online. Customer experience will be enhanced by opening stores. Customers will have plenty of chances to experience the products right at the store.

Xiaomi has thousands of products. At newly opened stores, Digiworld is not able to offer customers a select portion of products in Xiaomi’s ecosystem, partly due to high import tax and the limited availability of global version.


Line of people waiting to buy Xiaomi products on the morning of Jan. 6. Mr. Viet said that this Mi Store is offering about 5,000 Xiaomi items.


The scene at Mi Store on the opening day-view from the above.

The mainstream products: other than phones, Xiaomi fitness watches and power banks are popular and are expected to attract many consumers.

Mi Band-fitness watches are widely used.

Speakers, backpacks, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, headsets, water purifiers, and a wide selection of other products are sold at the Mi Store-HCMC.

Security camera costs VND 990,000.

According to Store manager, multi-function power strips with USB plugs are very popular in China and are expected to be favored by Vietnam consumers.

Previously, in March, Xiaomi phones entered Vietnam and chose Digiworld as the authorized and sole distributor. Mr. Doan Hong Viet said at the event: “Digiworld and Xiaomi will jointly develop the market for Xiaomi’s entire ecosystem, which called Mi-Eco.


Source: Cafebiz