Established in 1997, Digiworld − the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Vietnam − has achieved many successes, especially in the ICT sector. With over two decades of building prestige, Digiworld has been the Market Expansion Services provider and authorized distributor for more than 30 world renowned technology brands and has a distribution network of 16,000 points of sale nationwide.

Digiworld provides top-notch quality services and tailor−made solutions for the most rapid and effective market penetration and market expansion for brands entering Vietnam’s market, our core strength being 5 value-added services: Market analysis, Marketing, Sales, Logistics and After−sales service. In 2017, Digiworld expanded its service into two new industries-Healthcare and FMCG.

Digiworld has been listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE: DGW) since 2015, marking a new chapter in the company’s development.

Digiworld has consistently achieved prestigious awards and rankings:
• Top 50 Vietnam Brands − The most valuable brands by UK’s Brand Finance.
• Top 10 Sustainable Companies in Sustainable Businesses List 2018 launched by VCCI.
• Top 500 Largest and Most Profitable Enterprises (VNR500 & PROFIT500) of Vietnam.
• IR Awards 2018: Top 3 listed companies for most favored IR activities by investors and Top 3 listed companies for most valued IR activities by Financial Institutions.
• APEA 2018: Asia Pacific Corporate Excellence Award in 2018.

For more information, visit : www.digiworld.com.vn