IR Newsletter 4th Quarter 2019

Maintaining growth momentum, 4Q19 recorded total net revenue of VND 2,500 billion, soaring 60% year on year and profit after tax reached VND 49 billion, advancing 50% year on year. Details are as follow:
Laptops & tablets: 14% growth in revenue, reaching VND 724 billion thanks to focus on the high-end segment.
Mobile phones: 127% growth in revenue, reaching VND 1,330 billion due to increasing Xiaomi market share (>10%).
Office equipment grew steadily by 19% year on year, reaching VND 373 billion, with main contribution from IoTs products (+70% yoy), Network & Security Solution (+41%), Server, PC & storage (+27%).
Consumer goods: the revenue grew of 204%, reaching VND 73 billion thanks to Nestlé – a newly signed contract since 2019 January.
In the 12 months of 2019, DGW surpassed the revenue plan by 19%, reaching VND 8,493 billion (+43% yoy), exceeding the profit plan by 18%, reaching VND 161 billion (+45% yoy), equivalent to trailing EPS of VND 3,850.
In 2020, DGW’s revenue is expected to grow 20% to VND 10,200 billion, with contribution from:
Laptops and Tablets is expected to reach VND 3,150 billion, growth of 6%.
Mobile phones is expected to grow by 24% to VND 4,850 billion with the aim of increasing Xiaomi’s market share.
Office equipment is expected to maintain a growth of 24% thanks to the digital transformation trend, to VND 1,700 billion.
Consumer goods is expected to reach VND 500 billion with a growth of 96%, with contribution from current brands and newly signed contract with Unilever.
With the above revenue plan and the improvement in management to improve the efficiency, profit after tax is planned to grow 25% to VND 202 billion, equivalent to EPS of VND 4,832.
Early 2020, DGW has signed a strategic partnership agreement with two well-known partners, Huawei and Unilever, with the following product categories:
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