After two decades of operation in ICT industry, Digiworld has built the largest distribution network in the country with 16,000 points of sale nationwide.
Digiworld differentiates itself from others by owning an expansive dedicated sales team nationwide.
The sales services include three main groups:

Psi Planning
Purchase - sales - inventory planning team
• Purchase
• Sales
• Inventory
Sell - through
Digiworld provides a dedicated sales team for each brand. Depending on the current brand situation, sales team manages the sales activities in different areas or accounts. Each team includes professionals in relevant fields (IT, mobile products, business accessories etc).
Sell - out
• Local Sales Team are in charge of managing current stores, new store launches, reporting market information and so on.
• Store Staff Team includes the brand ambassadors at key stores.
• Promotion Team operates promotion programs or incentive scheme for retailers.
• Retail Merchandising Team is responsible for brand visibility at stores.
• Training Team provides sales training and product information to operation teams.