Sustainable Development

In keeping with our “Elevating Vietnam” mission, Digiworld aims for sustainable development in the context of globalization. Digiworld keeps improving corporate, social, and environmental responsibility as well as strengthening relationships with stakeholders to ensure sustainable business development.


To customers

Develop in collaboration

Digiworld maintains good relationships with retailers by fulfilling our commitments in offering discounts, guaranteeing delivery time, and supporting channels through marketing and sales activities. Digiworld hosts quarterly and annual conferences as an appreciation of our retailers’ support and collaboration.

To Suppliers

Keep faith

Digiworld actively collaborates with partners from the onset by providing a general view of the Vietnamese market as well as potential challenges faced in a competitive market. Accordingly, we provide our partners a distinctive plan in a way that gains trust and maintains consumer satisfaction. Moreover, we reiterate our pledge towards payments and commitments to offer Vietnamese consumers the best products. Digiworld never engages in any business that has the potential to cause harm to Vietnamese consumers, the environment, or the country’s reputation.

To Employees

Well rewarded

Digiworld provides staff a dynamic and transparent workplace wherein their contribution is recognized and they are free to express themselves as well as to “live the big life” together.

Pursuing big dreams

We support our staff to realize and pursue their dreams by organizing a range of professional training and leadership development programs. At Digiworld, every member is a leader who dares to dream, dares to act and is encouraged to accomplish their own dreams and goals.

An effective career development roadmap

We offer each member a clear career path that includes advanced professional and leadership training courses, team building, and group activities. Every staff member is encouraged to engage in professional development and move up into more challenging roles with better remuneration based on their KPI scores and workload.

A fair reward system

Digiworld staff is entitled to premium benefit packages with fair regulations on salary and promotions. Digiworld ensures that all staffs are entitled to social security under the law, regardless of their status or position.

Strong wealth, high spirit

Digiworld is a house full of respect and care, with ample activities to assist staff in their professional and daily life. Every idea is carefully listened to, every contribution is appreciated, and every achievement is well rewarded. At Digiworld, each colleague is not only a mentor but also a family member who is always willing to support other colleagues.

To Operations

Comply with the laws

Digiworld strictly complies with regulations and provisions issued by the Government and local authorities in terms of business operation, macroeconomic policies, and daily life. We accomplish our social obligations such as paying tax on time and fulfilling other responsibilities assigned to an enterprise. We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of the Vietnamese economy.

To shareholders

Long-term benefit

Digiworld is committed to maintaining long-term interests for our shareholders through effective business operation and sustainable development. When investors place their trust in Digiworld, they place their belief in our prosperous development and our mission to contribute to society and to “Elevate Vietnam”.

To society

Community sharing

Digiworld strongly recognizes its responsibilities to promote sustainable development in society and the community. The company also recognizes the importance in carrying out its mission of “Elevating Vietnam” by investing in human resources, educational improvement, and environmental protection.

Educational supporting activities

From 2008 to 2011, Digiworld collaborated with Thanh Nien News to award laptops to top university students with financial difficulty. We often hold meetings with former valedictorians to follow up with their development and achievements. Most of these students have been recognized for excellent academic performance and many have acquired valuable scholarships from renowned schools in the US, the UK, Australia.

We recognized the challenges young inexperienced people face in obtaining full-time employment with career development potential. With that in mind, Digiworld has implemented an internship program which provides an opportunity for fourth-year students and graduates to work in a dynamic environment whilst enhancing interpersonal skills, gaining practical experience, and acquiring a chance to become an official employee of Digiworld. In this program, interns are trained by experienced and talented staff and are assigned to practical yet challenging tasks for self-development.

Social development

In additional to investing in education, Digiworld undertakes many other social activities, expressing the spirit of sharing inspired from the company’s early days. During its 18 years of operations, Digiworld has affirmed its commitment to developing Vietnam through numerous charitable activities, including collaborating with Thanh Nien to construct a concrete bridge for the remote communes of Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province. This bridge was not only a development of traffic infrastructure but also of knowledge access, which in the future will alleviate the financial difficulties of local citizens and improve their living conditions. In addition, Digiworld employees are often encouraged to independently organize philanthropic activities with support from the company, such as caring for the aged and disabled or donating books and office equipment's for “compassion classes.”

Environmental responsibility

Under the impact of globalization and economic development, the environment is gradually damaged. Digiworld understands the importance of the issue and makes every effort to reduce its environmental impact through saving energy, electricity, and water as well as recycling in the workplace.

Digiworld takes the initiative in discarded products retrieval and disposal in accordance with the Decision No.50/2013/QD-TTg dated August 9, 2013 of Prime Minister and the Circular /2014/TT-BTNMT of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment regulating guidelines for implementation of Decision No.50/2013/QD-TTg. Specifically, we set up retrieval locations at our after-sales service points to collect the discarded products which are categorized by product portfolio, including mobile phones, office accessories, laptops, and tablets.