“People living big lives”

Digiworld is a place for great talents to challenge and discover their life purpose, dreams, passion, and have “a big life”. Show Hide
When a mission is announced, it is time to take up and execute the mission.

With Digiworld, the mission of “Elevating Vietnam” is shown consistently and clearly in our everyday work. Digiworld aims to develop the knowledge, education, and improve the Vietnamese lives. We do not engage in industries which cause negative impacts on the health, spirit of the people, and the country's standing. Digiworld’s team commits to realize the mission of "Elevating Vietnam" from the smallest actions including following traffic rules, protecting environment, and communicating politely.


Digiworld is a billion dollar company recognized for its role in the elevation of Vietnam as a place where everyone is well rewarded and is fulfilling their life purpose, dreams, and passions. Show Hide
Core values

Core values

• Effectiveness
• Commitment
• Be cause in the matter
• Love challenges


With Customers

In every interaction with our customers, we are committed to exceeding their expectations and leaving them delighted.

With Suppliers

We are committed to operating with integrity and creating a mutually beneficial and continually growing partnership.

With Employees

We are creating an environment in which our contributions are appreciated and valued, we freely express ourselves, and buy into our “living big lives” philosophy.

With Operations

In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to work as a united team and follow the principle that “every little thing matters”.

With Shareholder

We are confident that your investments will bring long-term and sustainable benefits to you and our society as well.

With Society

We are committed to elevating the quality of life of Vietnamese people everyday by contributing to education and empowering young people.