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After two decades of building and development, Digiworld has become one of the leading successful market expansion services providers in Vietnam with many achievements, particularly in the ICT sector. We have established trust partnerships with 30 of the world’s leading corporations in various categories. Digiworld is highly valued by domestic and foreign institutions and has achieved numerous awards and certificates. To us, this is just the beginning.

Tailor Made

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Digiworld helps new brands enter the Vietnamese market in the fastest way possible with high efficiency and minimal cost. Digiworld has strong facilities and continues to expand by providing tailor-made solutions for market expansion through a package of five services, which can be flexible and customized to meet clients’ needs. To us, this is an excellent solution.


Good is not enough.

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Digiworld doesn’t just stop at helping partners develop their business, we have also been helping brands achieve rapid success beyond all expectations and creating miracles for over two decades. To us, this is an outstanding success.