Ho Chi Minh City, September 22th, 2020, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld - “DGW”) continued to receive two awards:

- Top 03 Listed Companies for most Valued IR Activities by Financial Institutions.
- Top 03 Listed Companies for most Favored IR Activities by Investors.

This is the third time that Digiworld has been honored to receive these two awards. Accordingly, to get these achievements, DGW needs to meet the liquidity requirements for each capitalization group or meet the requirement of foreign ownership ratio of 20% and more. Besides, in investor relations, DGW must also ensure the criteria: Effective financial communication - Good reputation in the capital market

- Good management of expectations for the stock market. Specifically:

  • Effective Financial Communication: transparent information, effective finanacial communication. It helps to build a broad understanding of the value and the prospects of the business as well as strong investor groups and good communication crisis management.
  • Good reputation in the capital market: having a good reputation of finance in the market, from the capacity and prestige of the leader and management and corporate governance to the reliability of financial data and other published documents.
  • Good management of expectations for the stock market: IR activities help to optimize the company’s value, market valuation closed to the enterprise’s intrinsic value and reasonable stock liquidity.

Since being listed, Digiworld has earnestly implemented investor relations and promoted this activity until now. In investor relations as well as compliance with regulations about transparent and timely disclosure to the market, Digiworld also organizes meetings with investors in addition to building a user-friendly and updating website. This activity has been maintained throughout and continuously and improved over the years. Meanwhile, Digiworld is also proactive in disclosing bilingual information (English - Vietnamese) to ensure fairness between domestic and foreign shareholders and operating policies to ensure the rights of small shareholders.

With strict compliance with the regulations on the stock market, Digiworld has made it easy for investors to receive information and understand correctly current values and strategies of the company. Therefore, the stock code “DGW” has grown over the years. Especially, despite the slowdown of the market due to COVID - 19, DGW shares’ value has continuously risen over the 5-year peak since being listed. This movement shows investors’ expectations of Digiworld’s sustainable growth. The trust is reinforced by the cross-cutting direction of the Board of Directors in pioneering governance standards and transparency in communication with investors and the community.

Previously, at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders at the end of June, in addition to separating the Chairman and the General Director, DGW’s shareholders also approved the separation of supervisory and executive functions at the company by changing the governance structure from the Board of Supervisors to the Audit Committee (Internal Audit Committee under the BOD).

In the first six months of 2020, despite being heavily affected by COVID - 19, Digiworld excellently achieved a record high net revenue of VND 4,894 billion and profit after tax reached VND 93 billion (respectively up 45% and 55% over the same period last year). Particularly in the 2nd quarter of 2020, Digiworld’s net revenue was VND 2,583 billion, and after-tax profit was VND 48 billion (up 29% and 36% compared to the same period last year). In particular, at the end of August, Digiworld became the largest investment in Vietnam of Evli Emerging Frontier Fund (Finland) with the proportion of 5.68%.

Mr. Doan Hong Viet, General Director, shared: “Vietnam is striving to transform from frontier market to emerging market, which requires a lot of conditions on governance, as well as transparent information for all domestic and foreign investors. Therefore, IR activities with the function of proactively providing information and financial analysis not only help investors to have a full understanding of the company operations and strategies, but also create a basis for them in valuation the company. Good IR operation helps businesses have loyal shareholders because transparency creates trust in shareholders. Thereby, the value of shares in the market will be stable because investors are more confident with negative information. Not stopping there, in the coming time, we will develop more interactive channels between the company and shareholders and investors to provide more information, more quickly and promptly respond to questions and concerns of investors”.

IR Awards - Voting for listed companies with the best Investor Relations activities of the year, is the annual award organized by Vietstock in collaboration with Finance and Life newspaper (FiLi.vn). With ten years of establishment and development, IR Awards have become very familiar with businesses and the investment community in Vietnam. This voting is a chance for investors to express their opinions to businesses. Meanwhile, businesses can also measure the interest of investors. To be in the list of companies with the best IR activities in 2020, the listed companies had to ensure to comply fully with disclosing information regulation on the stock market according to the survey. They had to pass a rigorous evaluation of IR activities by professional financial institutions as well as received the most votes by the investors.