In Ho Chi Minh City, on April 6, 2022, Digiworld Corporation - “DGW” held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in 2022.

2021 was a year of many challenges and really difficult for everyone. However, our Vietnam has been still resilient "both apply social distancing to fight against the pandemic and 3-on-the-spot measure to do business". This has helped the economy recover somewhat and recorded an estimated GDP growth rate of 2.58% over the same period.

Digiworld did too, with the spirit of constantly learning, always ready to explore and turn challenges into opportunities, in recent 2021, Digiworld recorded impressive business records. In the whole year of 2021, Digiworld achieved total net revenue of VND 20,972 billion and profit after tax of VND 657 billion, up 67% and 146% respectively compared to last year. With such business performance, the Company achieved 137% of the revenue plan and 219% of the annual profit plan according to the business plan - VND 15,200 billion in revenue and VND 300 billion in profit.

In 2022, Digiworld's Board of Directors has approved a resolution on a business plan with revenue of VND 26,300 billion and a profit of VND 800 billion - an increase of 25% and 22% respectively compared to the performance in 2021. In which, the segment occupying the largest proportion is still mobile phones, followed by laptops, office equipment and consumer goods.

And in order to achieve the set business plan, Digiworld's team is united towards a guiding principle throughout 2022, in line with the company's spirit and development direction: "The universe is open, ready to explore". With this principle, firstly, Digiworld wants to affirm that with its rich development and real combat experience for 25 years, Digiworld will continue in mind of a pioneer, leading and exploring the market, finding potential product segments to become more diversified in business lines.

Besides, with the continuous development trend of Vietnam's economy, Digiworld believes that not only ICT, IoT but also Home Appliances and many other fields will also have more potential and more opportunities. And when the enterprise has prepared in advance, accumulated experiences during the business process, the opportunities are wide open, the enterprise must always further learn, receive and listen to forge its capacity, continue to pioneer, explore and lead the market.

In addition, the role and responsibility of the Board of Directors (BOD) are even greater in building strategies and sustainable development for Digiworld. The company has gradually applied good practices such as establishing specialized subcommittees to support Board of Directors activities in a more effective manner such as Audit Committee, Investment and Development Subcommittee, Salary and Bonus Subcommittee. According to the plan, Digiworld also continues to improve corporate governance according to international standards, and at the same time enhance the role of risk management and control in financial management, accounting, auditing as well as the transparency in the company's operation, the role of independent members of the Board of Directors.

Recently, Digiworld has also announced the plan to pay dividends in 2021 in cash at the rate of 10% (1 stock receives VND 1,000) and the plan to issue stocks from owner’s equity at the right exercise rate at 80% (i.e. Receive 80 new stocks per 100 stocks). The expected implementation time is quarter II of 2022.

In addition to taking care of the interests of shareholders, Digiworld also understands that good business begins with developing a good organization, facilitating the development and bringing the best benefits to employees. Therefore, at the General Meeting of Shareholders, Digiworld presented a plan to issue shares under the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) for employees in 2022. The maximum quantity is 2.5% of outstanding stocks – equivalent to 2.2 million ESOP stocks at the price of VND 10,000/stock.

During the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2022, Digiworld also announced the revenue estimate of the first quarter of 2022. Specifically, in the first quarter of 2022, Digiworld's revenue is estimated at VND 7000 billion and profit after tax of VND 210 billion, up 40% and 96% compared to the same period in the first quarter of 2021. In addition, there is information about Digiworld's new product line, namely Home Appliances, Digiworld and partner Whirlpool have just officially opened the first sales training center for employees in Vietnam. This will be not only a display place but also a place for Digiworld and Whirlpool to train sales staff, help the sales staff to best understand the products from features, utilities, usage and superiority to be able to provide the most useful advice to customers.

In late 2021, Digiworld and Whirlpool signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Digiworld became a comprehensive market developer for Whirlpool's household electrical products. Next, Digiworld also had a new partner – TCT, with this event, Digiworld has officially become the distributor of 2 brands Alcatel and TCL. And most recently, Microsoft has officially become a strategic partner of Digiworld with the ESD electronic key product. These are the clearest proofs that Digiworld is constantly looking for new business opportunities, expanding its product lines and business fields to always achieve and exceed the 25% compound annual growth rate as committed with Shareholders, consistent to the spirit of Digiworld "The universe is open, ready to explore" in 2022.

And besides constantly expanding its business activities both horizontally and vertically, Digiworld also has pursued the sustainable development goal by always focusing on the fields of economy, environment and society based on the company's 3C development strategy, including: Human - Base - Opportunity. In which, "Human" is the most important factor, the fulcrum to develop opportunities in business; “Base” is a strong financial base with clear management process; “Opportunity” is to seize new opportunities for Digiworld brand to appear and dominate the market. With this 3C strategy and Digiworld's achievements for the past years when following this direction, Digiworld believes that this strategy will create a solid foundation to realize Digiworld's orientations in the coming years.