Ho Chi Minh City, January 21, 2021, Digiworld Coporation (“DGW”) announced Q4/ 2020 business result with a record-high net revenue of 4,017 billion dong since its establishment, with after-tax profit of 85 billion dong, increased 61% and 70% respectively over the previous year.

Thus, at the end of 2020, Digiworld achieved total net revenue of 12,535 billion dong, and profit after tax of 253 billion dong, increased 48% and 56% respectively over the previous year. The company, with this business result, has completed 123% of revenue plan and 125% of profit for the whole year.

In order to achieve breakthrough business result, Digiworld has made efforts to promote steady growth for all segments. In which:

  • Mobile phone: In the fourth quarter, Digiworld recorded a revenue of the mobile phone segment of 2,228 billion dong, increased 68% compared to the previous year. This growth is attributable to the increase in Xiaomi’s market share and revenue from the distribution of Apple’s iPhone 12 series. Accordingly, the revenue for the whole year 2020 of the mobile phone segment reached 6,384 billion dong, increased 64% compared to the previous year, completed 132% of the year plan.
  • Laptop & tablet: Revenue in Quarter 4/2020 reached 1,199 billion dong, increased 66% compared to the previous year. The whole year revenue of Notebook and Tablet segment reached 4,350 billion dong, increased 46% compared to the previous year and completed 138% of the year plan. Strong growth comes from the revenue contribution of Apple and Huawei brands.
  • Consumer goods: In Q4/ 2020, the consumer goods segment recorded 11% growth with 81 billion dong in revenue, thanks to the contribution of previously signed contracts. Annual revenue reached 265 billion dong, equivalent to 53% of the year plan.
  • Office equipment: Office equipment segment has a remarkable recovery, in the fourth quarter of 2020, revenue is 509 billion dong, increased 36% compared to the previous year. Thanks to the well-controlled Covid19 situation, businesses have started operating again. In addition, IOT’s product lines are increasingly diversified, convenient and favored by consumers, so IOT’s revenue also contributes to the segment’s growth. For the whole year 2020, revenue of the office equipment segment reached 1,536 billion dong, increased 12% and completed 90% of the plan.
Quarter 4
Quarter 4/2018Quarter 4/2019Quarter 4/2020Compared to the same period
Laptops & Tablets6357241.19966%
Mobile phone5871.3302.22868%
Office equipment31437350936%
Consumer goods24738111%
Net revenue 1.560 2.500 4.017 61%
Profit after tax32.7508570%
For the year
201820192020Compared to the same period2020 PlanProportion compared to plan
Laptops & Tablets2.4012.9754.35046%3.150138%
Mobile phone2.3553.8966.38464%4.850132%
Office equipment1.1101.3671.53612%1.70090%
Consumer goods772552654%50053%
Net revenue 5.943 8.493 12.535 48%10.200 123%
Profit after tax110.916225356%202 125%

Unit: Billion dong

In fact, in the first months of 2020, despite the impact of the COVID - 19 pandemic, thanks to the solidity of resources and business with appropriate strategic adjustments, Digiworld has stayed firmly and thrived on market.

To firmly overcome new challenges, Digiworld always focuses on the company’s 3C development strategy, which is: People - Basis - Opportunity. In which, “People” is the most important factor, the fulcrum to develop business opportunities. “Basis” is a strong financial foundation, a clear management process; “Opportunity” is capturing new opportunities for the Digiworld brand to dominate the market. This 3C strategy is a solid foundation for Digiworld to realize its orientations.

Entering 2021, Digiworld announced its business plan with revenue of 15,200 billion dong, profit of 300 billion dong, a steady increase of 49% compared to the previous year. In which, the proportion of revenue from the segments is as follows: Mobile phone segment is estimated at 7,500 billion dong, 5,000 billion dong for laptops and tablets, 500 billion dong for consumer goods and 2,200 billion dong for office equipment.

Attachment: Consolidated financial statements – Quarter 4, 2020 – Digiworld