Digiworld provides top-notch quality services and tailor−made solutions for the most rapid and effective market penetration and market expansion for brands entering Vietnam’s market, our core strength being value-added services: Market analysis, Marketing, Sales, Logistics and After−Sales service, E-Commerce D2C, and Stores management.

Whirlpool Joyoung
Whirlpool, Joyoung
Digiworld became the exclusive market developer for Whirlpool – a 110-year-old brand in the home appliances industry in Vietnam.
Digiworld became the distributor of Joyoung - a home appliance brand from China.
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Apple, Huawei
Digiworld officially became the Apple Authorized Distributor in Vietnam.
Digiworld officially became the Huawei Authorized Distributor in Vietnam.
HTC, Nestle
Digiworld had the signing of a new distribution agreement with its strategic partner HTC
Digiworld became the master distributor for Nestlé’s nutrition products in Vietnam.
HMD Global Eaton
Nokia, Eaton
Digiworld strategically partners with HMD Global-exclusive owner of Nokia brand for smartphones and tablets-for continuous development of Nokia phone brand to Vietnam consumers.
Power management company Eaton had the signing of a new distribution agreement with its strategic partner Digiworld Corporation
Xiaomi, InfoFabrica
Digiworld became the authorized distributor and MES provider of Xiaomi brand.
Digiworld strategically partners with InfoFabrica for Joint Venture Digi IFF providing end-to-end cloud solutions and consultancy.
Intex, Trendnet, Silicon Power
Digiworld was the authorized exclusive mobile phones distributor and full MES provider of Intex Technologies, one of the biggest brand names in India
Trendnet network solutions were distributed by Digiworld starting in 2016
the distributor of hardware and gram products of Silicon Power
Obi Microsoft Ben Q
Obi, Apple, BenQ, Rapoo
Digiworld entered into a partnership with Obi Worldphone - a brand name from the US - as its authorized exclusive distributor and full MES provider
Digiworld became an official importer and authorized service provider of Apple Vietnam
Digiworld has distributed LCD products from BenQ
Digiworld distributed peripheral products from Rapoo
Fuji Xerox Ricoh Philips Wiko
Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Philips, Wiko
Digiworld has been the distributor of FujiXerox printers
Digiworld was the distributor of Ricoh printer.
Philips LCD products have been distributed by Digiworld
Digiworld was the authorized exclusive distributor and full MES provider of Wiko smartphones, a brand name from France
Nokia Lenovo AOC
Nokia, Lenovo, Alcatel, AOC
2013 was an important milestone as Digiworld jumped into the smartphone market and became the smartphone distributor for Microsoft/ Nokia
Digiworld has officially distributed laptops of Lenovo
Alcatel authorized Digiworld as its exclusive distributor of smartphones
Digiworld became the distributor of AOC LCD products