For each runner, Digiworld contributes 200,000 VND to the Digiworld scholarship fund to train 200 information technology engineers, opening opportunities for young people in difficult circumstances.

The 2023 “Buoc chan uom mam xanh” – The Green Seed Incubation Run organized by Digiworld Corporation takes place on December 3 in Ho Chi Minh City and December 17 in Hanoi, with the participation of nearly 3,000 runners. Continuing the message of season 3, Run for talent, this year's season carries the message Run for dream come true.

Buoc chan uom mam xanh 2023 has only one 5km distance for all runners. The prize structure is divided into 2 caterories, 1 caterory for Digiworld's Internal group, the other one is for the Public, each prize table will be judged according to finishing achievements, divided again into Male - Female. The prizes of this season 4 are products from Sponsors with the First Prize being Xiaomi's core i5 laptop for Male and Whirlpool's Fresh Care 9kg washing machine for Female.

With a single distance of 5 km, nearly 3,000 runners in both places competed fiercely, recording truly impressive achievements: best in the Male group with a record of 15 minutes 55 seconds at Ho Chi Minh and 16 minutes 25 seconds in Hanoi, Female’s group with a record of 20 minutes 02 seconds in Hanoi and 21 minutes 15 seconds in Ho Chi Minh.

Runners participated in running with Green Sprouting Footsteps preparing to start.

After three seasons, the young people benefiting from the first scholarships have had results. Among them, Mai Anh Khoa and Phuc Thang are the two most outstanding cases. With only 6 months of studying and practicing, Mai Anh Khoa and Nguyen Phuc Thang successfully completed the course, graduating from vocational school. Thang, who had no background in coding, is now proficient, understands and practices in depth. Having learned to code, Thang now also has a job at a technology company in Hanoi. As for Khoa, he was also a student who lacked coding knowledge, but thanks to perseverance and passion, he successfully defended the project and graduated with excellent grades on a 10/10 scale. More specifically, Khoa passed the interview and will be able to study and work in Japan in 2024.

Mai Anh Khoa has a difficult situation. Besides studying, in the past, the student born in 2000 had to work 3 jobs at the same time to make ends meet and help his family. Until he receives the scholarship, besides studying, you still take on design jobs at night to earn extra money to cover your living expenses because you study far away from home. As for Phuc Thang, a boy born in 2003, from the highlands of Nghe An province, he was an orphan, so the three sisters had to rely on each other. After finishing 12th grade, Thang successfully passed Hanoi Law University but worried that his family would not have enough money to attend university, he chose to not attend college to reduce his economic burden. He spent part of that budget on his younger brother’s studies and spent money to make life less difficult for the three sisters.

Mai Anh Khoa participates in the 2023 Green Sprouting Steps running race at Van Phuc City on December 3, 2023

Sharing at the running race, Ms. To Hong Trang - Deputy General Director of Digiworld and President of Digiworld Green Nurturing Scholarship Fund, said that the runners participating in the running race are the ones who contribute and accompany them to continue writing their dreams. "Every step the runners take today is the future of the young tomorrow, the future of the country," Ms. Trang said.

Nguyen Phuc Thang participates in the running race at Yen So park on December 17, 2023

Digiworld Green Seed Scholarship Fund cooperates with Rikkei Academy, with the goal of training 200 information technology engineers, opening opportunities for disadvantaged young people to conquer their dreams. The brand representative said that currently there are still scholarships available, opening study opportunities to realize the dream of information technology engineers, conquer the domestic labor market and work in the information technology industry in Japan.

The 4-season journey has ended successfully with many values to the community. “Buoc chan uom mam xanh” not only helps people grow knowledge, but also helps people run happily, run healthily, run safely, and run to increase awareness of taking care of their own health. Thank you to the athletes who have run in the past 4 seasons, thank you to the units that have accompanied Digiworld: A2Z, Acer, Asus, Bayotech, Budweiser, California Fitness & Yoga, Chill Cocktail, Citek, Faith, Fitness, Gapowork , Genacol, Hoegaarden, Kodomo, Ky Nguyen Group, Lenovo, Lexar, Logitech, Milkis, MSI, Nestle Ice Cream, Ocany, Onways, Phillips, Pjico, Pocari, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Xiaomi,... created an epic run . The successful step of planting green seeds in 2023 is also the promise of an explosive 5th season and bringing more value to the community.

Detailed information about the race and the Digiworld green seed scholarship are updated in detail here.