Harmoniously developing of all three aspects of the economy: keeping an average annual growth rate of 25%, sharing profits with stakeholders, and being responsible with society, Digiworld has been recorded for 05 consecutive years as 01 of 100 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam.


07 consecutive years being ranked in TOP 100 sustainable development enterprises in Vietnam (2016 – 2022)

Top 500

 Top 500 Largest and Fastest Growing Enterprises (VNR500 & FAST500) of Vietnam.


Revenue increased 5 times in 10 years

In every interaction with our customers, we are committed to exceeding their expectations and leaving them delighted.
- Providing quality products at points of sale
- Committing to discount and bring goods to the channel
- Supporting distribution channels through marketing and sales activities
- Organizing annual customer conferences to reward dealers for their efforts
We are creating an environment in which our contributions are appreciated and valued, we freely express ourselves, and buy into our “living big lives” philosophy.
- Recruitment policy
- Clear regulations on salary and bonuses
- Strict training policy
- Appropriate Code of Conduct
- Clear career advancement
- Worthy rewards
- Financial stability, inspirational encouragement
We are committed to operating with integrity and creating a mutually beneficial and continually growing partnership.
- Establishing a strategic relationship with more than 30 partners worldwide
- Implementing strategies to help partners gain customers' trust
- Delivering success to the participants as well as bringing benefits to customers
We are confident that your investments will bring long-term and sustainable benefits to you and our society as well.
- Sustainable growth
- Efficient use of investment capital
- Transparency in information
- Ensuring shareholders benefit
- Advanced corporate governance according to international practices
In order to fulfill our mission, we are committed to work as a united team and follow the principle that “every little thing matters".
- Contributing to the state budget
- Implementing social responsibility
- Respecting the law
- Development of industries
We are committed to elevating Vietnam by contributing to Vietnamese education and empowering individuals
- Contributing to education: Annually, Digiworld always organizes volunteer programs such as repairing and building schools, awarding scholarships, and donating books to poor children (Attached image)
- Sharing with the community: Digiworld often assigns staff to participate in programs to directly help difficult people such as: "Bua com nu cuoi", gifting to the doctors on COVID prevention days (photo attached)
- Environmental protection: "Buoc chan uom xanh" initiated by Digiworld with the aim of planting more trees, contributing to the socialization of environmental protection; promote planting, managing, and protecting trees to improve the air quality and living environment for the Vietnamese people.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Quality education
Promote lifelong learning opportunities for all employees. With our business in technology products, regularly updating knowledge and expertise is compulsory. Employees of all categories, including management, are required to participate in annual training. In addition, our products help the Vietnamese people get access to online learning opportunities not available in the past.
Gender equality
Equal remuneration for women and men. Zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of harassment and violence at work. No cases of workplace violence and harassment have been recorded.
Decent work and economic growth
Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Guarantee fairness and transparency among employees. Offer suitable jobs, attractive compensation policies and benefits, cater for personal development and long-term career growth at Digiworld.
Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
The Group’s core business of expanding digital product distribution and IT infrastructure helps improve essential products and services available to the Vietnamese society at large.
Sustainable cities and communities
Smart buildings. Energy efficiency in buildings.