Ho Chi Minh city, 26 September 2018, Digiworld Corporation (“DGW”) announced official strategic partnership with HMD Global-exclusive owner of Nokia brand for smartphones and tablets-for continuous development of Nokia phone brand to Vietnam consumers.

This cooperation marks a milestone of “destiny” between Digiworld and Nokia brand-a legendary phone brand in the top of mind of Vietnamese. In addition, this also indicates serious ambition and long-term commitment in development of Digiworld and HMD Global in Vietnam market.

Despite just coming back to Vietnam market for over one year, Nokia has still owned its outstanding attraction. According to Gfk report, based on the new users (both smart phone and cell phones), Nokia is the leader during the first 7 months of 2018, being the number one with more than 25% market share, nearly 6% increase compared to 2017 YoY.

In addition, according to Counterpoint Research, in Q2/2018, HMD Global has sold 4.5 million smartphones globally. This means HMD Global was ranked 9 in the top 10 largest smartphone manufacturers worldwide in Q2/2018.

Currently, all Nokia’s smartphone models are equiped pure Android system with enhancing features, which brings wonderful experience and significant benefits to the customers. Smartphones from Nokia brand are updated quickly with newest innovation and highest securities from Google. The phones aren’t changed users’ unnecessary interface , or installed hidden programs causing battery consumption or device slower. Each Nokia smartphone is installed with some applications to minimize storage capacity as well as to update newest versions for securing users’ spectacular experience every day. Firm commitment to bring the pure Android experience with high security and prompt update to ensure that Nokia smartphones are always a worthy choice for consumers in Vietnam.

With the return and step by step reconfirming Nokia’s position in the market, Digiworld is in the full conviction that the cooperation with HMD Global will bring new technology product lines of Nokia with high quality, more complete and extensive service to the market and Vietnamese consumers.

Doan Hong Viet, CEO of Digiworld Corporation, said, “In the golden age, Vietnam was one of the most popular Nokia markets in Southeast Asia and even a significant market in the region. Until now, consumers here still appreciate the Nokia brand. Therefore, we find our inspiration and mission when bonding with Nokia. To every Vietnamese, Nokia is still a familiar name and reminiscent of beautiful memories. What the Nokia brand has been doing in the market in recent years, will certainly promise fascinating things awaiting consumers to discover. Despite the long road ahead and the market in full of changes, Nokia is a convincing demonstration of the “re-creation” of a brand.

Kyler Tan, Managing Director of HMD Global in Vietnam, said: “Nokia has come back and gained a foothold in the mobile market in the current context, which is not easy. To do this, we need indispensable companions in the Vietnamese market where there is a strong trust and love for the Nokia brand. The partnership with Digiworld will open the second chapter with prosperity that will also be one of the steps to bring Nokia back to glory. The Nokia brand has been very familiar and was used to be number one in this market. Many Vietnamese, especially the age group from the 8X generation back formerly, still love the Nokia brand. This is a key factor for Nokia to gain a certain basement that other brands don’t possess”.