Digiworld Corporation was established on December 14, 1997. As of 2022, Digiworld is officially at the age of 25, marking a 25-year journey of establishment and development and is currently accelerating non-stop on this journey. On Digiworld's journey, the awards are the mark, the recognition for the relentless efforts as well as affirming the company's maturity.

This December 2022, the month marking Digiworld's 25th birthday is even more special when Digiworld has received not one but a series of prestigious awards:

Vietnam's 50 Best-performing Companies 2022 Award

This is an annual award organized by Nhip Cau Dau Tu Magazine. The award honors leading companies with outstanding growth and development, recognizing unexpected business results. In this 2022, the most surprising result that Digiworld received is the first position of the Ranking - up 3 steps compared to its ranking in 2021, becoming the brightest star in TOP50 thanks to effective use of capital to bring impressive revenue growth: VND 20,972 billion in revenue in 2021 – an outstanding increase of 67%.

CSI 100 Award – Top 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam 2022

2022 is the 7th consecutive year that Digiworld is honored in Top 100 Sustainable Companies in Vietnam. However, sustainable development for Digiworld is not only from the recent 7-year but alo a long-term strategy that Digiworld has pursued since the early days of its business. Digiworld's journey to conquer Sustainable Development is associated with the continuous improvement of the index with 17 criteria in 4 areas: Sustainable Development Performance Index, Governance Index; Environmental Index and Labor Index. Specifically, the improvements of Digiworld are reflected in business results, growth rates, management reports and activities for the environment and for employees, etc.

Award of TOP5 Mid-cap Enterprises with Best Corporate Governance Report

Overcoming 581 registered enterprises to be rated as the Enterprise with Best Corporate Governance, Digiworld is proud to be listed in Top 5 in the mid-cap group of this award category. Enterprises undergoing a rigorous evaluation to be listed in the Top 5 are rated as better valued ones (higher P/S ratio).

The good implementation and continuous improvement of the corporate governance report as well as Digiworld always improves the way it operates and does business is a long-term strategy of company, with the hope that governance also helps create efficiency in operation and thereby bring good results in business. And also Digiworld draws more attention from investors through smart, fair and transparent in management methods.

Award of TOP40 Enterprises with meaningful and impressive CSR activities

Digiworld has always been persistent in implementing charity activities from the early days of its establishment on a small to large scale. Those activities are growing according to the growth rate and scale of the company. Digiworld's volunteer activities have not only increased in size but also brought deeper meanings each year, and also received high appreciation through recognition from awards. Typically, for 2 consecutive years from 2021 to 2022, Digiworld is in the Top Enterprises with the most meaningful and impressive CSR activities. In 2021, Digiworld won the prize from the running competition to raise funds for afforestation, giving green sprouts and seasonal flowers to help Can Gio and Quang Nam people. In 2022, we have continued to be honored thanks to CSR campaign "Millions of masks, millions of hearts" - bringing millions of masks to the frontline against the pandemic and disadvantaged people during the Covid season.

Every year, on Digiworld’s development journey, thanks to always actively doing business effectively and not forgetting to bring good values to the community, we bring more prestigious awards, multi-faceted recognitions from business to administration and also performed volunteer activities. But with this 2022, especially in December, these above awards are even more meaningful, they are proof of the maturity of Digiworld - a brilliant Digiworld at the age of 25 - good business, effective management and always accompanying the community. With these awards, the recognition for the journey of relentless efforts will be the driving force for Digiworld to continue to strive, to expand its business and diversify its industries as a development orientation pursued by the company. Since then, Digiworld will firmly step on the journey of Sustainable Development, conquering the Billion Dollar Vision as well as realizing the mission of Elevating Vietnam.