In Ho Chi Minh City, on August 4, 2022, Digiworld Corporation was honored in the Top 50 Best Listed Companies 2022 as voted by Forbes magazine and is one of the 9 leading enterprises included in this list for the first time.

"Top 50 Best Listed Companies" is an award held within the framework of the 10th Annual Business Forum 2022. This Top 50 list is made by Forbes Vietnam to find out the companies with the best business performance listed on HOSE and HNX through the evaluation method of Forbes (USA):

  • Pre-qualification round: retain profitable companies in 2021 with the capitalization of at least VND 500 billion;
  • Follow-up evaluation according to 5 criteria: compound growth rate of revenue and profit, return on equity (ROE), return on capital (ROC) and earnings per share (EPS) for the 2017 – 2021 period;
  • Qualitative survey, evaluation of sustainable development level: the company's position in the industry, the origin of profits, quality of corporate governance, industry perspective...

Through this rigorous evaluation process, from thousands of companies on the Exchanges, Forbes selected the Top 50. And in 2022, after 7 years of listing, Digiworld has entered the Top 50 Best Listed Companies for the first time. The fact that Digiworld was able to pass rigorous evaluations and achieve this recognition is thanks to its business efforts, and flexibility to seize opportunities despite many impacts of the pandemic, as evidenced by impressive business performance in 2021: VND 20,972 billion in revenue, VND 657 billion in profit – an increase of 67% and 146% respectively over the same period.

Above all, the results achieved by Digiworld surpass other companies in the same industry, thanks to its unique core strength - comprehensive market expansion services (MES) as the only company to provide this service in the ICT industry. And Forbes, after a 10-year process of evaluating to select the Top 50 Best Listed Companies, especially through rigorous evaluations for 2021, also made a statement that: companies honored in Top 50 Listed Companies are those that have a solid foundation, high experience and have gained a competitive position in the market thanks to their unique advantages. Because in 2021, a year full of ups and downs, the whole world was affected by Covid-19 but that still could not stop their development and growth momentum.

Digiworld is proud to be in the Top 50 Listed Companies and can also prove its strength by the excellent business figures above. For us, this award is a motivation to energize, and promote the spirit of "Loving challenges" cultivated inside DGWers. Thereby, the company will have more confidence to continue to expand its business based on core values and record impressive business results as well as continue to build growth momentum and prospect not only for now but also for the long term so that the company can be repeatedly listed in Top 50 Best Listed Companies.