Obi Worldphone and its first impression to consumers.

Before I even get to work with John Sculley as his creative partner for Obi Worldphone in Vietnam, I have heard a lot about him. He was a marketing veteran at Pepsi-Cola as its president and vice president, then he grew his fame as Apple’s CEO. Nowadays, people know him as a businessman and a pioneer in tech start-ups in Silicon Valley.

When asked why he chose Digiworld to be Obi Worldphone’s market developing partner in Vietnam, John Sculley stated that Digiworld is a company with a vision, not only focusing on revenue but also in the improvement of individuals and community with its mission ‘Elevating Vietnam’. Digiword has proven that by bringing the first of Obi phones into Vietnam to meet the demands for quality technology, internet connection, modern entertainment and competitive prices.

With the hard work from experienced staff from five market expansion services, especially the marketing and sales teams, Digiworld has brought the model Obi SF1 to the hands of consumers in a short amount of time and has received great results. After four months in Vietnam market, Obi SF1 was listed in the top 5 best mobile phones at the prestigious Tech Award, voted by consumers and tech professionals.

Kien Tran

Grey Global Group