Hochiminh city, August 22nd, 2018, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld-“DGW”) officially provided market expansion services to PNKids brand (Incontech Corporation)-the No.1 Gummy supplements Vitamin in Singapore which is made in America.

PNKids brand includes many health supplements for kids from 3 years old (already chew), provide essential vitamins and minerals for whole physical and brain power growth of kids. The outstanding feature helping PNKids lead Singapore market is the use of Pectin (create elasticity) instead of Gelatin extracted from pork skin or animal bone. Pectin was extracted from apple peel, therefore it has natural color and flavor and support kids to easily absorb nutrition. PNKids gummy is diversely shaped, eye-catching, tasty flavor, soft and easy to chew, all of them can attract children “at first glance”.

Additionally, PNKids gummy do not content soy, nut, egg, no artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives, no Gluten, Lactose sugar; since products having one of above components may be allergic to some kids. Depending on kid’s nutrition demand, parents can choose one of five variants for children’s growth:

-PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals: provide 15 vitamins and minerals, help increase immune system, support for strong physical body.

-PNKids Bright Eyes: increase immune system and support preventing dry eye due to lack of vitamins.

-PNKids Prebiotics & Veggie: improve good bacteria at the intestinal tract, hence it helps to well-digest and increase the resistance.

-PNKids Strong & Tall: provide Vitamin D & Canxi, support bone and teeth development.

-PNKids Brain Power: support brain power and eye growth.

Detailed product information: www.pnkids.com.vn

Mr. Cachino-Managing Director of Asia Pacific region has expressed his expectation in the partnership with Digiworld: “PNKids Gummy is No.1 in Singapore, and we’d like to keep the top position in Vietnam. To fulfill the ambition, we need our partner as a market expert with effective management tools, especially consulting competency and brand building. We expect Digiworld’s core values will help PNKids expand distribution channels faster, build brand stronger and approach customers’ demand better”.

Mr. Doan Hong Viet-CEO of Digiworld has also revealed: “With market expansion experience, chain management and customer care for over 20 years, we had firm foundation from infrastructure to manpower resource management to meet partner’s objectives. Incontech is a big corporation having many various health product lines, high quality and suitable for Asian. This cooperation is an opportunity to bring good products to Vietnamese consumers and contribute to enhance their health”.

About Incontech:

The Incontech Group is a leading wellness and healthcare company with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Japan. In 1992, Incontech started as a small trading firm in Oregon, USA, focusing on exporting nutritional supplements and personal products.
Today, Incontech focuses on manufacturing and marketing a full range of nutraceutical products including weight management and functional supplements. These products are distributed to over 15,000 retail stores around Asia.

For more information, visit: www.incontech.com.sg