Ho Chi Minh City, December 10, 2020, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld - “DGW”) is proud to be ranked one of the TOP 100 sustainable companies for the fifth consecutive year, based on the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI).

The award is held by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in coordination with Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) and Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL).

In 2020, the Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI) was used to benchmark the extent of sustainable development of enterprises enrolled in the program. Following a review by VBCSD - VCCI and leading experts in socio-economic studies, CSI 2020 was updated to reflect and comply new requirements of the key free trade agreements (FTAs) to which Vietnam is a signatory (including CPTPP - Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, EVFTA - EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement), as well as important changes in the policies on employment and environmental protection that have impacts on business operations. In particular, issues related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the National Action Plan to implement the 2030 Agenda for SDGs have been simplified and integrated into the CSI 2020 Indicators.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed weaknesses in economic governance and operations. It also shows the importance and urgency of sustainable development. In such a context, the Program and the CSI Index have been contributing a critical role and significance in socio-economic development. With more businesses to apply the CSI Index, it means that corporate governance would become more professional and organized, improving business competitiveness, resilience and recovery in all scenarios.

According to Mr. Vu Tien Loc, Chairman of VCCI, “The post-COVID-19 world will be the one characterized by economic restructuring and business reorganization to target for sustainable values. The issue for each business now is to survive and develop in a sustainable manner or to be left behind”. Therefore, we believe that each business should uphold sustainable development by balancing economic returns with social and environmental values in the long term to build a strong foundation at home, grow higher on the international playing field and leverage opportunities arising from key FTAs. More broadly, every country should establish a strong business community to be resilient, independent and free. Going beyond assessment and award presentation purposes, the program on benchmarking and announcing sustainable companies in Vietnam organized by VCCI - VBCSD is expected to change their mindset in and ways of doing business, ensuing that economic targets must be coordinated well with social development and environmental protection in the long run”.

Mr. Doan Hong Viet, Chief Executive Officer of Digiworld shared: “This is the 5th consecutive year Digiworld is honored to be one of the TOP 100 sustainable companies (2016 - 2020). This is a recognition of Digiworld’s efforts over recent years. In 2020, we have seen the COVID - 19 pandemic has stricken a heavy blow to the economy, with impacts felt in all industries. However, looking at its bright side, COVID-19 pandemic triggered businesses to re-examine the extent to which their business goals are linked with sustainable development and also improved business understanding on the role of socially responsible activities as investment for their sustainable future, not a cost, to improve their competitiveness. Understanding such importance, Digiworld has always focused on sustainable development goals, embedding business development in reciprocal relationships with other factors such as legal liability, ethical responsibility, improvement of the living environment, joint efforts in addressing social problems. We believe that a company’s success is not simply demonstrated by those revenue figures in its financial statements, but also judged based on outstanding and long-term values it aims to build and bring to the society and general public. Until all these can be properly delivered can it become part of and move up in the global value chains. A stronger focus on sustainable development would further empower a company to conquer new heights”.

Determined to build a Sustainable Development enterprise, Digiworld always directs its attention to the economic, environmental and social aspects based on its 3C strategy: Cơ sở (Infrastructure) - Con người (Human Resources) - Cơ hội (Opportunities). Of these three elements, “Human Resources” is fundamental to build on opportunities. “Infrastructure” entails a strong financial foundation and a clear management process and “Opportunities” requires capturing new opportunities for Digiworld to dominate the market. The 3C strategy is a solid foundation for Digiworld to realize its strategies in the coming years.

Starting off in 2020, despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Digiworld stood firm and thrived in the market thanks to a solid base of resources and business activities, and appropriate strategic adjustments. Over the first 9 months of 2020, Digiworld’s revenue was VND 8,518 billion, and profit after tax was VND 168 billion, a year-on-year increase of 42% and 50%, respectively. This means the firm has achieved 84% revenue target and 83% profit goal for the year 2020 by the end of third quarter.

Along with business development, Digiworld constantly promotes community activities. Its annually organizes activities aimed to improve education; charity programs such as repairing schools for poor children or offering scholarships and free books; activities to share community burden, including staff assignment for field visits and presentation of its support to disadvantaged households under the program “Meal of smile”; visits and presentation of gifts to medical doctors and frontline health-care workers for their efforts in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam. In particular, following its meaningful journey to jointly build a green, clean and beautiful living environment, Digiworld’s “Green Steps” has been launched to plant more trees in provinces or cities the race is organized, contributing to environmental protection, and improved air quality and living environment for Vietnamese people.

Regarding the Program on Benchmarking and Announcing sustainable companies 2020 in Vietnam (CSI)

The program of benchmarking and ranking sustainable companies in Vietnam is annually organized as guided by the Government to celebrate achievements in sustainable development by pioneering enterprises while encouraging domestic enterprises to place a stronger focus on sustainable development by planning and integrating sustainable business practices and strategies.

The sustainability of enterprises participating in the Program is benchmarked against Corporate Sustainability Index (CSI), developed by VCCI in consultation with leading VCCI experts, government agencies, enterprises and independent national and international experts. This is the fifth year the program has been implemented nationwide.