Ho Chi Minh City, August 9th 2018, Digiworld Corporation (Digiworld-DGW) continued to receive two awards:

-Top 3 listed companies for most valued IR activities by Financial Institutions.

-Top 3 listed companies for most favored IR activities by Investors.

This is the second year Digiworld has the honor to receive both categories. IR Awards is the annual event jointly held by Vietstock and Finance & Life e-newspaper (FiLi.vn), to nominate listed companies with the best Investor Relations (IR) activities during the year.

For 8 years of foundation and development, IR awards has been very familiar among corporates and investor communities in Vietnam market, where investors can express their opinions towards companies, companies can measure the concern level of investors towards themselves. To be listed in the nomination of listed companies with the best IR activities 2018, listed companies need to assure the degree of information disclosure compliance in terms of accuracy and sufficiency in securities market following assessment criteria, overcome the comprehensive IR activities evaluation from professional Financial Institutions as well as receive the most votes from investor communities.

Subsequently, to be qualified in the Top 3 listed companies for most valued IR activities by Financial Institutions and Top 3 listed companies for most favored IR activities by Investors 2018, apart from meeting the demand regarding liquidity of each capital category or the requirement of international ownership being at least 20%, in Investor Relations Digiworld must ensure the criteria of Transparency-Accuracy-Effective to easily access information, understand the true value and the strategy of the company. As a result, DGW stock has continually grown after only 3 years since first listed and become one of the rare stocks “turning the tables” whilst the securities market rapidly fell in Q2, thanks to the trust and high evaluation of investors.

In the context of Vietnam’s elevation from marginal to emerging market, conditions of administrations as well as information transparency for all domestic and international investors are highly demanded. To be in time with the trend, not only large enterprises but small and medium ones also have to concentrate on IR activities of their own corporates. Therefore, immediately since listed, Digiworld has seriously implemented IR and always developed these activities up till now. As a result, until August 2017 there were only 4 analyst reports of DGW stock; that number has increased to 10, equivalent to 150% proportionally. Most significantly, in 2018 Digiworld actively organized regular meetings with more than 200 brokers, financial analysts from securities firms, so as to answer questions and provide corporate information in the most accurate and objective manner to professional analysts and experts.

Pro-active in following emerging trends in the market, Digiworld is constantly developing its core strengths in 5 Market Expansion Services (MES) including: Market Analysis, Marketing, Sales through distribution network across the nation, Logistics and After-sales service to expand its business industry to Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and Healthcare.

In the first half of 2018, Digiworld reached 2,641 billion VND of revenue, 70% up compared to the same quarter last year, thanks to the constant growth of mobile phones segment of 360% and office equipment’s incurred sales increased by 53% compared with the same period last year. Particularly in Q2/2018, the total revenue of Digiworld reaches 1,376 billion VND, increase 74% compared to the same quarter last year with profit after tax reaches 23 billion VND, increase respectively 11% and 19% compared to the same quarter last year to the previous quarter.